GB DT sightC Red point Black NGA1060

GB DT sightC Red point Black NGA1060
Item No: NGA1060

- Model:NGA1060
- Weight:60g
- Cross weight:200g
- Color:Black
- Material:Aluminum
- Magnification:1.07
- Colour aiming point:Red
- Batteries:3V Lithium Battery
- Sight window:21 mm x 15 mm(0.8 in x 0.6 in)
- Reticle adjustment range Height:± 360 cm/100 m(± 130 in/100 Yard)
- Parallax-free observation distance:40 m
- lluminated dot intensities:Automatic brightness adjustment
- Tightness:Watertight
- Mark version
- Made in China

- Original DOCTERsight Technology
- 4 colour finishes selectable
- Perfect colour effect for every type of hunt
- High-strength ceramic coating made of Cerakote TM
- Soft cover with “airbag system” for overall protection

Package:(in a box)
1x DOCTERsightC DE
1x Cleaning Cloth
1x 1913 Mounts
1x Glock Mounts

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