9mm Caliber Red LaZer Bore Sight LaZer Trainer For Dry Fire Shooting Simulation NGA1975

9mm Caliber Red LaZer Bore Sight LaZer Trainer For Dry Fire Shooting Simulation NGA1975
Item No: NGA1975


 laZer Wavelength: 635nm
 Type: Visible Red laZer
 Power: 3mW
 Battery: LR626, included
 Offaxis Angle: 0.1mrad
 Range for Sighting: 5-100 yards
 Dot Size: 1 inches at 25 yards
 Construction: Brass, gold-plated
 Temperature: -10 to +50°
 Life Span: >8,000hrs

We designed the laZer bullet for training and shooting simulation.

This is laZer trainer cartridge not laZer bore sight. It can help youshooting more accurately. Also not fit Tanfoglio Stock II, SigSauer P250/320, Smith & Wesson SD9VE!!

The back cover can work 300-500 times, then you need to buy a new back cover to replace

The laZer will turn on for about 0.5seconds when the triggeris pulled and will turn off automatically. The laZer will turn off evenif the firing-pin is pressing of the end cap of the bullet.

How to use the training laZer?
1.Unscrew the back cap from the bore sight by turning counter clockwise
2.Stand the bore sight on a flat surface with the laZer side pointing down
3.Insert batteries (+ side up) inside the rear opening
4.Carefully push down and turn the screw cap clockwise to tighten the cap (the laZer is now on)
5.Press the back cap constantly to turn on the laZer
6. Place it in your pistol chamber and close the bolt

1. 9mm Red DotlaZer Training Bullet Introduction:
The caliber 9mm bullet is a red laZer Bore Sight for training and shooting simulation.
The maximum laZer output power is 3.0mW at 635-660nm with high quality
brass and gold-plated material.

2. Bore Sight Applications:
a. Gun calibration
b. Simulation of ballistic

3. Caliber laZer Training Bullet Features:
a. High brightness & good looking housing: brass with gold-plated.
b. High precision: off axis angle is 0.1mrad.
c. Less power consumption: 4.5VDC low operating voltage.
d. Long life: > 8000 Hrs.
e. More efficiency.
f. Compact and lightweight.


 1 X .9MM Training Bore Sight
 1 X Back Cap
 9 X LR626 Batteries
 4 X Rubber Parts

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